Client Centered Care

At Home Is Where The Heart Is Home Care we want you to know that it is important for us to put the client first. The client is the reason we are in the home in the first place and it also gives the client purpose and meaning to help in daily life. We do our best to not only place well matched and skilled caregivers in the home, but to approach each caregiving situation with a person (client) centered approach.


It is important to look at the client’s needs and desires. As we design the care plan with the family we keep in mind that we want to help our client’s attain goals so that they can maintain independence. Each client is different and the goals to be met may look differently. In a home we may be working with a client who no longer can drive and has lost their sense of independence. Another client may be coming home from the hospital after a fall that has left him or her with a broken bone that needed surgery. What is important in our agency is to look how we can most effectively help them achieve the goal the client and the family want to reach. The client who has lost their independence will benefit from our caregiver taking them out to do errands, go to lunch or even to the senior center to see friends or make new ones. This is what client centered care is all about. Bringing home the client who is recovering from a broken bone and surgery would alert us to focus on fall risks, healing, alerting management to any changes and keeping the client comfortable in their home.


We work hand and hand with the client’s team, whether it be family, Doctors, home health agencies or others to make the experience of in home care the best it can be. When you keep the focus on the client, the outcomes will be as expected. Striving for excellence is what we at Home Is Where The Heart Is Home Care strives for daily.


A part of making our care excellent is our amazing team of caregivers. Our caregivers are the reason we are able to continue to do what we love each day. Helping our elderly stay “in place” for as long as possible. Our agency hires the best of the best. It is our focus, for if we do not have the correct employees we cannot give the client the best care.


Collaborating with the client, family and our caregivers we quickly


  1. Identify concerns and needs – Initiate discussions or implement strategies to help with understanding the perspectives of the client on their health and quality of life.
  2. Make decisions – Working with the client, family and the caregiver decisions can be made to help in planning care or changing care.
  3. Provide care and service – Our agency feels it is important to involve the client in the process of making decisions on what care they are comfortable. This allows clients to know they still have a say in their daily lives.
  4. Evaluate outcomes – Management is involved every step of the way evaluating outcomes. We ask families to communicate. Communication is the best way for everyone to be on the same page and make sure that client and family are happy.

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