What are the cost of your services?

Every situation is different and we bill on an hourly basis. We can design a custom care plan for your situation. Rates will not increase.


How do I pay for services?

At Home Is Where The Heart Is Home Care we accept Self Pay, Long Term Care Insurance or Veteran's Aide and Attendance Benefits. Insurance does not pay for Non Medical in Home Care. If we need to bill Long Term Care we will handle all of this for you so you will be reimbursed.


Do I pay the caregiver for my services?

No. The client or representative will pay for the services bi-weekly.


Does my Dr. need to authorize services?

No, you can call at anytime to choose the services you would like.


Can I change my services to more or less time?

Yes, of course this can be done. At times we start out with many hours and as client's improve hours can be scaled back. Clients sometimes start out with the minimum number of hours and need to add as their health deteriorates.


Am I tied into a contract?

You will indeed need to sign a contract or have a Power of Attorney sign, however, all we ask for is a 48 hour notice of cancellation.


How do I know the caregiver is really with my loved one?

We use a software system that is a GPS device downloaded onto each caregiver's phone. This allows management to know if a caregiver is 5 minutes late clocking in and would alert management if a caregiver tried to leave the home early.


Do you pay bills or do banking?

No. Under no circumstances do we take clients to the bank or handle financial matters.


What if we feel the caregiver is not the right match?

We always tell families it takes at least two weeks to get into a routine. If by then you feel the match is incorrect, we will be happy to try another caregiver.


Are your services only available in the home?

No, we can provide services in assisted living facilities, independent living communities or a nursing home.


Can I see my loved ones schedule?

Yes, upon signing up you will receive an email link for our family room that will allow you to see the schedule, caregiver and medication list. If you see an "open shift" this means we are working to get that shift filled.


How do we communicate with management?

You are provided a sheet with your welcome packet that has all pertinent information regarding communication, however, the main number is 740-457-5240 x 2 or email clients@hiwthihomecare.com. Texting is not available. Please contact management with any schedule changes, Dr. Appointments or medication changes.





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