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"Dear Mindy,

Have been meaning to write you to let you know how much your home care company, "Home is Where the Heart Is", helped my mother as she began to face challenges in living in her home alone. She no longer was comfortable in driving her car, and, therefore, was unable to get out for weekly groceries and prescriptions. She loved a special ham and cookies at a local specialty food store, and also needed everyday items from Kroger. The caregivers from your company always took the time to visit both stores to get Mom just what she wanted and needed, then would put away all the groceries, and would do any dishes that were left in the sink. They came once a week and also did Mom's laundry if needed, as the washer and dryer were in the basement at the bottom of a steep old stairway. What a relief it was for Mom and I and other family members to be able to have these types of services provided, that did not require skilled nursing care, but definitely was care that enabled her to stay in her own home at that time. I am grateful that such a service as yours was there when we needed it so badly. Thanks again, so much, for you and your employees and the great amount of time you all gave to my Mom and I."

   - Beth L. Martin


"Being local is great because of the accessibility. The flexibility you provide with scheduling allowing us to do only two hours or split up the time so that Meem is covered in the morning and evening is wonderful. Helping out with grocery shopping and taking her to appointments takes a lot of the stress off of us. Keeping in touch daily and texting when needed allows us to be in the know always. Knowing that you and Cindy care about her well being as much as we do is awesome. You and your company have been a Godsend!! You have definitely made life easier and being able to vent and get advice has made all the difference in the world. Especially because you can totally relate!!"

   - Colleen Shepherd


"Caring for an aging parent with dementia long distance is overwhelming and a constant worry. Home Is Where the Heart Is provides care givers who are compassionate and reliable, so that my father can remain safely at home."

   - Margie Weaver


"Very reliable care!! Amazing people to work with roger and Mindy are also amazing with their staff and their needs."

   -Cassie Florczak


"An excellent company to go to when your loved ones need care. I would recommend HIWTHI to anyone! An all around great group of people."

   -Ariana Langley


"Awesome people to work for!!!"

   -Latisha D Murray


"I couldn't ask for better people to work for!"

   -Chelsea Renae


"I would trust Mindy and her company with my loved ones, knowing they would be taken care of in the best manner."

   -Marilyn DeSantis


"These are great people, and the service to back it up!"

   -Rick Antill



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